Starting My Web3 Journey

Hello w3rld!

This article indicates my start of "web3" and the intention to change. I will work on different topics of web3 and try to describe my journey both from a development and personal experience.

The year 2021 started for me with several important things: I have finished renovation in my apartments, changed the company where I worked before. I couldn't even imagine that on March 18th, I would make my first deposit to the Binance and start my journey in crypto (which I would describe in my next article about "how I got into the crypto world").

Who am I

I am a Senior Full-Stack Engineer that just left his web2 job and wants to get into web3. By starting this blog and writing in general, I want to encourage myself to start my new chapter of life.

My intentions

I want to begin it with writing articles, doing open-source, and of course to find my next adventure. My outlook was limited, and I didn't think before about serious this path. I gave some smirks on open-source, dev-twitter, crypto-twitter, and how a lot of ex-google/-facebook going in a different direction.

What I want to work on

In January 2022, I want to start with something that is currently "mainstream":

I have already worked on some basic stuff with Rust, deployed locally some stuff tuts from scaffold-eth, but it is not enough to get started with serious projects.


Contributing to open source can be a rewarding way to learn, teach, and build experience in just about any skill you can imagine. -

Another thing that excites me is Open-Source development - I feel you bring your experience and proficiency to the world.


I feel like 2022 would be the year of change for many software engineers who choose web3, and I hope it would be a breakthrough for me.